Service of Royal England Safe Deposit Box

Service of general banks


24 hours a day , 365 days a year service

Provide service only within office hours

24 hours manned security

There are guards in our vault for 24 hours

 Our vault is also monitored by the security command centre Mei Foo for 24 hours

Manned security will not be provided after office hours

Unique security system

Security system is developed by professionals with significant experience from deluxe Macau casinos


Provide basic security system only

5-layered identity verification system

We use biometric verification, individual key and  personal access card to verify customer’s identity in order to enhance the privacy and security level

Using ID card , password and key to access the safe deposit box

Boxes made by Burton Safes

Our vault doors and all the boxes are made and installed by a well-known safes expert from UK

Certified by European Committee to meet CEN standard

Using unidentified material

Boxes without labelled number

Unique lighting track system to indicate location of each safe deposit box without labelled number to increase level of privacy

Using labelled number to locate the boxes
Might let other people to know the location of your box easily


Absolute private area

Allows only one customer to access the vault area at the same time

Provide a blind spot viewing room for customers

Lower privacy level

More than one customers allow to access the vault area

at the same time


Third party one-time access service

Customer can authorise other persons to manage and and withdraw assets within the safe deposit box on owner behalf

Do not provide third party access service in general banks

Monitor the status of your safe deposit box

Our mobile app allows status of safe deposit box to be checked at any time and any where

Do not provide this service in general banks


Customers’ information are stored in separate servers

All personal data is encrypted and stored on separate servers to enhance the privacy level

Some banks do provide this service

All safe deposit box are insured

Standard insurance coverage up to USD $1M per box


No insurance provided in the safe deposit box in general banks

To explain why Royal England is your trustworthy choice.

Compare with the safe deposit box service in Hong Kong, Royal England is not only guarantee the first-class protection for your valuable assets but also an intimate, considerate and premium customer service. Furthermore, basic insurance package is included in all safe deposit boxes plan, the coverage of up to USD $1 million.


Located in the core area

Royal England is located in the core area of business districts and has a convenient transportation service. Given the fact that Hong Kong is a freest economy in the world, there are no exchange control policy for foreign exchange, gold, securities market. Safe deposit box service is allowing customer to access and manage personal assets and property flexibly, or transfer them to other areas in Hong Kong and overseas as their wish.

24 hours service

Distinguishing Bank and other ordinary safe deposit box service, Royal England provide 24 hours service all year round. The vault operates as usual even in bad weather and we will try everything possible to meet your needs.

British-style decoration

Every detail of the British-style decoration in the vault is designed carefully by famous designers. From making an appointment, entering even leaving the vault, our clients can experience the most deluxe and incomparable reception service that no other bank or ordinary safe deposit box service can match.

Safe deposit box

One-Time Access Service

Besides, Royal England offers “Third-Party One-Time Access Service” to facilitate the authorization of other persons to manage and withdraw assets within the safe deposit box on owner behalf. Last but not least, clients can also trace the status of the safe deposit box at any time via the mobile phone application.

Royal England Safe Deposit Box access area of the vault allows only one person at a time, ensuring the client enjoy the maximum privacy and free from any interference. Besides, to avoid others recognized any details with safe deposit box user, the visual lighting system is used to indicating the location of safe deposit box replaces ordinary deposit box number.

Royal England invited security experts who served in Macao's casinos and banks to develop an identity secrecy system. The system enables a fully-automated verification process of access, without any staff being present, and works together with biometric identification to ensure accuracy in verification of identity and highest privacy.

"Security" is a paramount important element in Royal England Safe Deposit Box service.

To ensure the safest environment, the client is requested making an appointment via phone or the mobile phone application when he/she before entering the vault. The whole verification process is used for various advanced technologies (passwords, palm vein, independent keys, digital security company's encryption programs).